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Forums & v1.1.3.1

After learning the forums weren’t really functional anymore, I spoke with Ryan, and was able to get a copy of the data. After some fiddling around, I’ve imported them locally, and now you can access the support forums here. So, moving forward, if you have support questions, please post them there! I’ve also release v1.1.3.1 …

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Forums Issues

So I recently learned that the forums are being hosted in more of an “archived status”, which means they aren’t all that useful! I’m working with Ryan to get a copy of them transferred over, so I can just host them myself, hopefully it won’t take but a day or more. Once the forums are …

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WP-Slimbox2 1.1.3 Released!

This is more of a fix than a major updated, but as several people noted, the overlay broke in WordPress 3.6. This was tied to an upgrade in jQuery. Christophe Beyls upgraded the original Slimbox2.js, so I’ve finally gotten around to doing the same for WP-Slimbox2. I still hope to implement a more significant update …

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What’s going on with WP-Slimbox2?

Hello everyone! My apologies for the lack of updates, or much of anything. I’ve unfortunately been dealing with personal illness, as well as just being swamped with things at my paying job. Couple those things together, and WP-Slimbox2 kind of gets swept under the rug. That said, I haven’t abandoned it plugin, and I really …

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Thunderbird to Outlook Migration – The Woes of Dealing with Microsoft Products

So I was recently, and unexpectedly, thrown into the task of migrating my work e-mails from Thunderbird to Outlook. It turned into one massive ordeal, but I succeeded, and for the sake of others, I’ll tell you how. I was gonna write up a bit of back story, but that’s really not that helpful, if …

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Website Changes

Hello everybody, long time no post. The website is currently in a state of flux, I’d been having some weird server issues, so I backed things up and rebuilt the server. Unfortunately, when I recovered, somehow the DB only went back to around March of 2012. The upside is that I don’t think I’d posted …

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The future of WP-Slimbox2

I’d like to think that since its inception WP-Slimbox2 has come a long way and that there’s not really much further to go. Having said that, I can think of a few changes that can still improve the plugins functionality over all. One of the first things I’m looking to do is to utilize the …

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WP-Slimbox v1.1.1 Release (also v1.1, v1.0.3.4, & v1.0.3.3)

This post is extremely late in coming (v1.1.1 was released several days back, and before that I released v1.1 shortly after the release of v1.0.3.4, and even further back we had the release of v1.0.3.3), but I am proud to announce the release of of WP-Slimbox2 v1.1.1. The biggest change between versions was, obviously, from …

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General News

Back in July I switched webhosts, from Hostpapa to Linode. For the most part I’d say the transition was for the best, though I am now paying more money, I’m also granted almost total control over the host environment, which is a two-edged sword. The biggest downside to the transition was that a number of …

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I just realized that all the sub-menu’s on the site are broken… When I get some free time I suppose I’ll have to fix those.